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Few Words About the Company

Sun Ultra-Technologies (P) ltd. is an organization dedicated to solving the maintenance and repair welding problems of industries. The company is floated by enterprising technocrats having collective experience of more than 50 years in the field of repair welding and manufacturing of Low-Heat input welding alloys.

Sun Ultra-Technologies (P) Ltd.. is a front runner organization that operates on the philosophy of partnering with its clients in recommending & implementing ‘Best in Class' repair welding alloys & solutions. Company's scientists & technicians have developed welding processes and techniques that also increase industries productivity and profitability by the reduction of down time and spare parts inventories.

We have also achieved the most coveted ISO 9001 :2000 certification by IRQS and are dedicated to Total Customer Satisfaction.
What stands us apart from our Indian competitors is the fact that unlike them we are manufactures of the opened product and not merely marketers. Moreover, we are offering you our products with a technical support (by our trained Application Experts and Service Engineers) and this is simply not one more product range being offered as is the case with some LARGE MULTINATIONAL WELDING ELECTRODES MANUFACTURERS.

Our Institute Approach.

Maintenance & repair Welding Technology:

Challenged by the diversities in the field welding conditions the Sun- Ultra institute research team has developed coating of stick electrodes to over come the problems posed by limitations of available welding equipment, skill level, heat input, unknown base metal, contaminations etc.
We have incorporated additives such as deoxidizers, degasifiers, nucleants etc. into the coating formulation to provide highest, weldability, in terms of tensile strength, bead shape, fluidity of slag, weld penetration etc.

Methods of investigation associated with repair welding:

Ingenious diagnostic procedure which helps eliminate guess work and chance in the selection of proper consumables for repair.
This relies on a two-fold analysis:

First: Describes the environmental factors encountered causing wear on a
particular part.

Second: Describes the relevant physics properties of the deposited alloy.

Use of the analysis provides the welder with a quick, accurate method for selecting the most favorable alloy assuring additional life for the repaired part.

Metallurgical Modifications:

Metallurgical modification of alloys to provide deposited structures with more desirable features for specific service requirements are made by our scientist.

The use of these alloys in formulation provides reaction in molten weld metal wherein deoxidization, grain refinement and density of hard constituent materials are optimized.

Joining Application:

Special elements are added to electrode formulations at Sun-ultra institute and they have devised method of preventing the formation of coarse. columnar grains that results during the normal cooling of deposited weld metal.

Maximum safety:

The Special additives included in electrode formulation result in low application temperatures, which minimize the danger of warpage, distortion and base metal weakening, enhance tensile strength or hardness characteristics, assuring highest safety.

Computerized Application Data Bank:

A comprehensive analysis which is prepared by the application engineer in conjunction with the personnel involve in weld repair operation is stored using the latest computer technology.

Research & Development Quality control:

At our Research & Development Center at Gwalior, utilizing the most advanced scientific measuring and deletion devices available to current technology.
“Deltatherm'' low heat input welding alloys are manufactured according to standards and specification established not only to guarantee compliance with published specification but also to provide and extra measure of safety so important to maintenance & repair welding.

Custom products to solve toughest problems:

For specific application custom alloys are designed and manufactured to provided optimum performance, exclusive formulation are developed with exact physical properties desired ; the metallurgists engineer the alloys to provide maximum performance during deposition and service.
Custom alloys are manufactured under the most stringent control to obtain high quality.

Training & Seminars:

In your plant-based on the needs of a particular company, appropriate course can be programmed to minimize lost time of personnel requiring training. Courses have been designed for flexibility and can be tailored to conform to schedules from a minimum of few to several days.

Production-All in our own facilities:

*Delta-Therm” range of alloys are manufactured under careful and exacting conditions in our own plant at GWALIOR with high speed automate manufacturing facilities produce a variety of maintenance and production alloys in many size.

Distribution network:

Our authorized dealers and stockiest are located very near to our users to facilitate fast delivery.

Application Engineering services:

Our trained application engineers are based in all industrial sectors to provide on the job help to our users.

Now having detailed about our seriousness in the field of repair welding. alloys technology, we wish to offer our produce and services at globally competitive prices.


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